Mexico Project

Project Summary

After successful implementation of the Bring Your Own Water (BYOW) filtration system in Africa, EWB-JSC began looking to expand this technology to communities in Mexico. An assessment of several villages in Nuevo León revealed a strong need for clean, safe water. Gastrointestinal diseases plagued people of all ages and were the major cause of illness and death in infants. Water sampling and testing showed considerable amounts of harmful bacteria and pathogens in the surface sources, but geographical surveying indicated high salinity in the underground water of the region. Thus the BYOW water filtration and purification system was a good match for these communities.

Unlike Rwanda the small 70 family community in Aguliar, Mexico power was available. With power a modification of the BYOW system was implemented in Mexico to incorporate a pump system. The modified system was tested in Houston prior to the team traveling to Aguliar to install the system. The 12 person implementation team assembled and installed a BYOW system in La Puerta de Aguilar with help from the community in the summer of 2008.

During the implementation trip it was noticed that the turbidity levels were not as low as EWB-JSC would like to see after the water is treated. Troubleshooting occurred while in Mexico, and once back in Houston a smaller sub-team was created to assist in solving the problem. After it was found that a local company was delivering clean water in tanks to the community, the project was closed out with the community and EWB-USA.

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Mexico Project Documents