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James R. (Jake) Mireles

Jake works for Wyle Science, Technology and Engineering as a software analyst in the business office and has a personal interest in virtual and augmented reality. He holds a bachelor of arts in history from the University of Texas at Austin. Previously he spent ten years at Barrios Technology, including over seven years in the MOD Operations Technology Facility, where had the most fun in SketchUp and 3D printing. Prior to JSC he was an independent database consultant with clients as varied as AIG, Westinghouse, Hermann Hospital, Apache Corp and Amegy Bank. He has been with EWB-JSC since 2013 and loves helping EWB make a difference in the developing world.

EWB-JSC President,

Jody Muniz

Jody Muniz is a Licensed Professional Engineer with over 20 years of Project Engineering experience in a wide background of project management that includes Industrial Plant Engineering, Commercial Building Construction, and performing construction inspections as a Licensed Professional Engineer for Residential Home Construction. He is a former Peace Corps Water Engineer with over two years in Kenya.

EWB-JSC Vice President,

Rocio R. Garcia

Rocio began working at the Johnson Space Center in 2007. She has worked in both the Pointing and Trajectory Operations Office and currently works in the Visiting Vehicle Office. Over the years she’s had multiple leads working missions for the Space Shuttle, International Space Station and commercial vising vehicles. She received her Bachelor’s in Aerospace Engineering from the University of Texas. She joined EWB-JSC in early 2015 and excited to begin helping others around the world.

EWB-JSC Secretary,

Tom Bryan

Tom is currently working as a software engineer on Space Station training simulations. Previously he performed simulations and analysis of the Space Station Robotic Arm for capture, release, and berthing operations. He received his bachelor’s and master’s degrees in Aerospace Engineering from Washington University in St. Louis. He joined EWB-JSC in 2010 and has worked on the Rwanda fruit-drying system. He is excited to put his engineering background to use helping the world.

EWB-JSC Treasurer,

Lauren Cordova

With a mechanical engineering degree from the University of Texas at Austin, Lauren has managed projects in systems engineering, manufacturing, quality engineering, and environmental compliance across the aerospace, medical, and utility industries. As a member of EWB, Lauren is excited to serve others and supports chapter infrastructure development as well as the Mexico and Rwanda projects.

EWB-JSC Webmaster,

Hanh Ngo

Hanh joined EWB-JSC (South Houston Professional Chapter) in 2012 working on design and build of the fruit dryer for an orphanage in Rwanda at NASA JSC’s Engineering Sandbox. She is supporting Thailand and Kenya programs. With a BS in Civil Engineering and a Master of Civil Engineering in Project and Construction Management from the University of Houston, Hanh’s work outside of EWB ranges from waterlines, sewer systems, and offshore pipelines to topsides to subsea systems. She is grateful for the chance to improve the quality of life for those in need through EWB-USA’s mission.

EWB-JSC Director of Synergy,

Marcella Mendoza

Marcella received a Bachelor of Science degree in mathematics from the University of Houston in 2006 and joined the workforce at Johnson Space Center in 2007. She worked in the Flight Operations Directorate as an Attitude and Pointing Officer until 2015, where she provided preflight and realtime support for the Space Shuttle, International Space Station, and numerous visiting vehicles. Currently, Marcella works in the ISS Program Office as a Visiting Vehicle Lead. She joined EWB-JSC in 2015.

EWB-JSC Grants & Fundraising Lead

Program Leads:

Executive Board:

Past Presidents:

Mike Ewert

Mike Ewert has been a thermal and life support system engineer in the Crew and Thermal Systems Division at JSC for the past 21 years, spending one of those years on rotation in the Environmental Office focusing on environmental sustainability at JSC. Mike holds bachelors and masters degrees in mechanical engineering from the University of Texas at Austin, specializing in thermal/fluid systems. He holds 4 US patents, has published 36 technical papers, and has helped edit 3 books on the topics of energy, thermal control, life support and sustainability. Mike has been involved with Engineers without Borders since the start of the JSC chapter.

EWB-JSC President, 2011-2016

Jacob Cordova

Under Jacob's leadership role, involvement at the Johnson Space Center chapter increased and two regional projects were maintained. The chapter constructed a Bring Your Own Water test and development system, fabricated a portable solar power system cart, invented a fruit slicing device, and organized a post implementation trip to Mugonero, Rwanda. Jacob's concurrent role as Chief Architect for the Engineering Sandbox at NASA (for additional information, reference the related article and video) was also instrumental in ensuring innovative organizations such as EWB would have access to prototyping and development resources, and upon the grand opening the chapter work site was relocated to the new facility. Prior to his role as president, Jacob led a team of engineers to develop a treadle pump system for water filtration and backflow cleaning. Jacob continues to support the chapter informally with engineering and technology development consultation.

EWB-JSC President, 2010-2011

Dan Garguilo

While presiding over the chapter, Dan oversaw chapter expansion to include a new region, Aguilar, Mexico, and a technology project in Mugonero, Rwanda. The water filtration system developed in Rwanda was successfully adapted and implemented in Mexico utilizing an electrical power source in place of the gravity feed structure. The Rwanda village fully embraced the prior projects delivered by the chapter and sought further involvement from the team. Through a collaborative review with Dan, the project lead, and the village management team, a project to dehydrate pineapple fruit was established. The project would continue to develop over the years with an ultimate goal of providing a sustainable income source to allow the orphanage financial independence. Multiple assessment and implementation trips were successfully organized and completed to Rwanda and Mexico. Dan continues to support the chapter informally with organizational consultation.

EWB-JSC President, 2008-2010

Evan Thomas

As founding president of the chapter, Evan brought the engineering and insight of the NASA Johnson Space Center manned space flight program to the developing world. The chapter established a relationship with The L’Esperance Orphanage in Mugonero, Rwanda. The relationship grew to generate projects to provide solar power lighting to the local hospital, rain water catchment, and water purification for the village. The Bring Your Own Water system was invented, and the technology was successfully implemented. Evan continues to support the chapter informally with technology and organizational consultation.

EWB-JSC President, 2005-2008


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