Rainwater Catchment

Technology Description

Many rural communities run out of water when other sources are unavailable due to dry seasons, broken pipelines, etc. EWB-JSC partnered with EWB-CU to successfully implement rainwater catchment systems to alleviate this problem and extend the existing water supplies.

Mugonero Implementation

In June 2006, EWB-JSC installed a 10,000L rainwater catchment system on the main building at the Mugonero Hospital in Kibuye, Rwanda. The piped hospital water delivery system is prone to supply issues during the dry seasons. The new rainwater catchment system provides a water collection and storage system for the hospital and surrounding community to maintain a continuous water supply.

L'Esperance Orphanage Implementation

In August 2007, EWB-JSC installed a rainwater catchment system at the L'Esperance orphanage in Rwanda. Prior to the installation, children were carrying water in jerrycans up steep hills. EWB's collection system allows the children more time to play, learn, and go to school rather that collect water.

Rainwater Catchment Documents