Solar Power

Technology Description

Many rural communities do not have electricity for lighting, electronic devices, etc. Together EWB-JSC and EWB-CU successfully completed a solar power project to provide lighting.

Mugonero Implementation

In January 2006, EWB-JSC and EWB-CU partnered to install solar panel lighting at the Mugonero Hospital. The system consisted of three 102 watt solar panels and ten 50 amp-hour batteries. In addition to providing lighting, the system also powers emergency internet communications. The lights provided for the hospital operating room, the surgery prep room, two nursing stations, the delivery room, and hallways leading to patient rooms. A smaller system lights the administration building and dental clinic.

The day after this system was installed, power was lost during a surgery and EWB's solar powered lighting was used to save a 6 year old boy!

Solar Power Documents